About Drink Wise, Age Well

A Drink Wise, Age Well stall offering people support to make healthier choices about alcohol as they age

Drink Wise, Age Well aims to help people make healthier choices about their drinking as they age.

For some alcohol can have a positive impact on their lives including increasing socialisation and relaxation. Many of us will enjoy alcohol as we get older and may never experience some of the negative effects.

As a society we are living longer, and many of us will have active and independent lives well into old age. Research even suggests that after the age of 50, people begin to get progressively happier.

However, this isn’t the case for everyone, for some people alcohol can start to have negative impacts as they get older. In the past ten years we have seen a significant increase in harms caused by alcohol to older people.

What we do

Drink Wise Age Well provides information on alcohol and getting older to allow you to make informed choices about your alcohol use. We provide information on alcohol unit guidelines, tips for cutting down and where and how to get help if you need it.

Drink Wise Age Well also supports health and social care providers and community organisations to recognise and respond to risky drinking in people aged over 50.

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    Here you can read a collection of first-hand experiences from people who have used our services, or from loved ones who have received help and advice to support someone they care about.

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