Where we work

Drink Wise, Age Well locations

We are funded to deliver services in five Drink Wise, Age Well locations:

  • Glasgow
  • Sheffield
  • Cwm Taf in Wales
  • Devon County
  • Western Trust area in Northern Ireland

The Drink Wise, Age Well programme, with the support of local organisations and our team of volunteers, offers:

  • awareness workshops and information stalls on alcohol and ageing
  • social activities, community engagement and volunteering opportunities
  • training to support health and social care providers and community organisations to recognise and respond to individuals who may need help because of their drinking
  • group meetings that help you cope better and where you can get support from other people in similar positions
  • home visits and one-to-one advice and support for individuals and their families who may be experiencing difficulties due to their alcohol use
  • our website provides information and advice on how to make healthier choices about your drinking, if you don’t live in one of the above areas
  • helpful advice on what you can do to help if you’re worried about someone else