Complaints and feedback

Addaction is committed to providing a high quality services. However, you may complain to Addaction if you consider:

  • We have failed to do something we should have done
  • We have done something badly
  • We have treated you unfairly or discourteously

We appreciate feedback and if something goes wrong we need to know about it as it helps us to continually improve our services. Sometimes Addaction cannot do all that is asked of us. This may be because of lack of resources or for other reasons. However, if something cannot be done you deserve an explanation.

We also encourage suggestions for improvements. Feedback on what we do well is just as useful and very welcome. To give feedback, please use the contact form on Addaction’s website.

It is expected that in most cases the case worker will be working with the local manager to deal with the complaint.

  • Whether your complaint is verbal or written it will be formally recorded by us
  • Your complaint will normally be investigated by the local manager or an appropriate person where this is not possible or desirable
  • We will aim to satisfactorily resolve your complaint within 20 days. If this isn’t possible we will inform you of this
  • If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved it will progress to the next stage where it will be investigated by more senior staff

Addaction is committed to resolving issues raised as quickly as possible. If you are unhappy about how you are being treated we want, whenever possible, to find an informal way to resolve the issue. To help with this we commit to being very clear about what the service is, who it is for, waiting times and what you can expect to happen.

How to make a complaint against Addaction

In the first instance, please speak to a worker or the local manager. Or you can write/email your local service, or email or write to us at the head office at the address below:
67-69 Cowcross Street,
London, EC1M 6PU

Drink Wise, Age Well is a consortium of key strategic partners including Addaction, Royal Voluntary Service, Drugaid, Addiction NI, the Substance Misuse and Ageing Research Team of the University of Bedfordshire and ILC – UK. Drink Wise, Age Well in itself is not a legal company or registered charity. Addaction is the lead partner organisation for the Drink Wise, Age Well consortium. If a complaints is made via this website and is with regard to one of the consortium partners or external delivery projects for Drink Wise, Age Well, with your agreement, we will ensure your complaint is passed promptly and formally in writing by Addaction to the identified organisation

How to make a complaint against partners in  Northern Ireland and Wales

If your complaint is in relation to Drink Wise Service Delivery in Northern Ireland you can contact Addiction NI directly on 028 90664434 or email or write to Addiction NI Headquarters, 40 Elmwood Avenue,  Belfast, BT9 6AZ.

If your complaint is in relation to Drink Wise Service Delivery in Wales you can contact Drug Aid directly at Drug Aid 1st Floor Integra House, Vaughan Court, Celtic Springs, Newport, NP10 8BD or call 01633 811954.

If you are still unhappy after you have completed this process, you can make a complaint to The Ombudsman. They will normally only take on a complaint if you have been through our process and you are not satisfied with the outcome. Contact their helpline on 0345 015 4033 or visit

In Scotland the Drink Wise, Age Well Addaction service is registered with the Care Inspectorate in Scotland. You can also make a complaint or give feedback directly to them by calling 0345 600 9527 or visit their website

In Northern Ireland your complaint can be taken to the Charity Regulator for Northern Ireland at 257 Lough Rd, Lurgan, Craigavon BT66 6NQ or call 028 3832 0220.