Dry Days

dry days

Everyone feels better after a few dry days

Dry days could be exactly what you need. You might be asking yourself what exactly is a dry day? When we refer to dry days, and adding them to your week, we are talking about having 2 to 3 days a week where you don’t drink alcohol.

Having a few days off alcohol each week can bring a whole host of benefits to your health and lifestyle. Along with the possibility of better sleep, more energy and improved memory, you will have have more time do the things you love.

Adding dry days to your week could help by:

  • improving your relationships. Alcohol can affect your mood, which can in turn have an effect on the relationships with those around us.
  • improving sleep, alcohol can prevent our ability to fall into a deep sleep. Check out our alcohol and sleep factsheet.
  • improving the effectiveness of some medications. Some medications can be affected by alcohol, it’s important to check with your doctor whether you can or cannot drink alcohol with your medication. Check out our alcohol and medication factsheet.
  • improving your social life. The energy you could gain from your dry days might help reignite an interest in old hobbies, or even help you find new ones. Alternatively, taking up a hobby can be a good distraction to help you cut back on alcohol.

Do you need help and support now?

If you feel like you need more support when it comes to your drinking then we can help you. Along with local organisations and our team of volunteers, Drink Wise, Age Well offers:

  • social activities, befriending and volunteering opportunities
  • group meetings that help you cope better and where you can get support from other people in similar positions
  • home visits and one-to-one advice and support for individuals and their families who may be experiencing difficulties due to their alcohol use
  • information and advice on how to make healthier choices about your drinking, if you don’t live in one of the above areas
  • helpful advice on what you can do to help if you’re worried about someone else

We work across five localities in Northern Ireland, Glasgow, Cwm Taf, Sheffield and Devon, find your local office here and get in touch with us today.

What happens next?

If you’ve decided dry days are right for you then we have lots of options to help and support you make dry days last while gaining loads in the process.

If you live in one of the five Drink Wise, Age Well areas, we offer a variety of activities designed to help you make new friends, find new interests and new places to share the things that are already important to you.


Get in touch

If you live in one of our five Drink Wise, Age Well areas drop us an email or call us to find out which events or courses you can join.

If you live outside one of our five areas, we’ve listed details of organisations which can link you to events, activities and courses locally to help you live well.

Will you be adding dry days to your life?

Now you know all the benefits of adding dry days to your life we hope you plan to join us in adding these to your week. Our website and social accounts are full of hints and tips to help make dry days a great addition to your week. Our localities can be contacted Monday to Friday if you feel you need more immediate support.