Events and activities to help you live well

live well

Getting older has many positives. It can give us opportunities to do more of the things we enjoy, more time to socialise and chances to try new things. Finding social activities, keeping active or getting back in touch with old hobbies aren’t just enjoyable – they can help you live well.

Living well as we get older can help improve our sense of wellbeing as well as help reduce risk from potential health problems, such as stress, dementia, diabetes or drinking more than we should.

If you live in one of the five Drink Wise, Age Well areas, we offer a variety of activities designed to help you make new friends, find new interests and new places to share the things that are already important to you.

These can help improve the way that you cope with stress and adversity and connect you to a wide range of events and activities with other over 50s.

Short courses and regular events

These include: healthy eating, cooking on a budget, physical activities, reminiscence, arts, IT and many, many more.

Resilience programme

We offer a six session programme offering support to help you build your resilience and get the most out of life as you age.

Community Engagement Support

We also offer support from our friendly volunteers to help introduce you to activities in your community.


Want to get more involved? Why not help facilitate some of our groups and activities or help support someone 1:1 so they can settle into new social activities and meet new people. We offer lots of training and the opportunity to join a team and meet new people.

Get in touch

If you live in one of our five Drink Wise, Age Well areas drop us an email or call us to find out which events or courses you can join.

If you live outside one of our five areas, we’ve listed details of organisations which can link you to events, activities and courses locally to help you live well.


  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness focuses a person’s awareness on the present moment, helping  to calmly acknowledge and accept feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.  It uses meditation and self-awareness to enhance our ability to cope with challenging circumstances and psychological tensions.

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  • Alcohol and Weight Gain
    Alcohol and Weight Gain PDF Download PDF (900KB)