Do the guidelines apply to everyone?

unit guidelines

The recommended units are given as guidelines for the general population, so it is always important for each individual to think about their own situation and circumstances. In some cases you may want to seek advice from a medical practitioner. For instance, if you are being prescribed medication, this may interact with alcohol in a number of ways.

Drinking in moderation may have some benefits such as helping you relax or feel more sociable. However daily drinking, even in moderation, can become a habit and have harmful long-term effects.

If you believe your drinking is already causing you harm, you may want to speak to your medical practitioner about how you can safely cut down.


  • Alcohol and Medications
    Alcohol and Medications

    When we get older it is more likely that we will be prescribed medication for a number of reasons. As we age our metabolism and the ability of our liver to process medications can slow down  so it is very important that we carefully consider how alcohol can affect some medications.

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