How can my medication be affected by drinking?

The effects of mixing alcohol and medicines can be unpredictable. If you take medication – prescribed or from the chemist – we recommend that you take a few moments to learn how they might interact with alcohol.

Reading the label

For example, the labels on your medicine bottles and boxes may include warning labels signalling that you should avoid drinking alcohol while taking them.

Mixing your medications with alcohol may stop the medications working as they’re supposed to, and in some cases can be harmful. Take care to read the side-effects listed on your medication. Some of these side-effects could be further complicated when you drink, and risks can increase.

Forgetting to take medication

Additionally, when under the influence of alcohol, you could find yourself forgetting when to take your medicine, how much to take or if you have already taken your dose for today.

To give your medications the best chance of effectiveness, avoid mixing them with alcohol. Always discuss your medication with your GP or pharmacist.

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  • Alcohol and Medications
    Alcohol and Medications

    When we get older it is more likely that we will be prescribed medication for a number of reasons. As we age our metabolism and the ability of our liver to process medications can slow down  so it is very important that we carefully consider how alcohol can affect some medications.

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