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Leaving work or retiring

For many, the workplace is a substantial part of our lives where we often socialise, form strong relationships and develop our role and identify. Leaving work and retiring can be an extremely positive experience but for some it can be more of a challenge. In a study we carried out on over 50s and their alcohol use, amongst those who had started to drink more than previously 40% cited retirement as a factor and 1 in 5 a loss of sense of purpose in life. In terms of seeking employment, the over 50s may face more challenges in a competitive market, however often have great expertise and skills to offer. However, being out of work long term can also increase a lack of sense of purpose and isolation possibly leading to increased alcohol use.

Employees and jobseekers

Through Drink Wise Age Well, we hope to engage with employees and jobseekers aged over 50 to raise their own understanding of the impact of alcohol use. We also invite employers and job seeking organisations to be in a better position to support people aged over 50.

In Sheffield, with support from the Shaw Trust, we have worked with a number of large employers and unions including GMB, Unite and Unison. Through a number of avenues we have provided support to their members including training and articles in their newsletters.

In all our demonstration areas, Drink Wise, Age Well will offer a package of support to employers, employees, job seeking organisations and employee well-being organisations which include:

  • pre-retirement awareness sessions focusing on resilience and healthy ageing
  • direct access support for employees aged over 50 in the demonstration areas who want support in relation to their alcohol use
  • trainingon alcohol awareness for staff, employers and employee reps
  • contributions to newsletters and providing fact sheets on alcohol and health ageing

To find out more please contact any of our demonstration areas directly.

  • Workplace guide supporting the over 50s workforce to make healthier choices about alcohol
    Workplace guide supporting the over 50s workforce to make healthier choices about alcohol

    A practical, workplace guide for anyone supporting an over 50s workforce to remain healthy and well.

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