What warning signs do you look out for?

warning signs

Warning signs

The signs below may indicate a person is drinking alcohol and it is causing them problems. These pointers may also indicate other underlying health problems, so it is important to have a sensitive and supportive discussion with the person you are concerned about.

  • Is the person isolating his or herself more?
  • Are they declining social invitations?
  • Have they stopped doing activities they previously enjoyed?
  • Have you observed changes in their home environment?
  • Is the person’s appearance becoming more unkempt?
  • Are there signs of empty bottles or overflowing bins?
  • Or are they trying to conceal alcohol bottles?
  • Are they becoming increasingly forgetful?
  • Have they had more falls and injuries?
  • Has their general demeanour changed?
  • Do they appear to be under the influence of alcohol, with indications like smelling of alcohol and slurred speech?
  • Are they asking you to buy them alcohol regularly and becoming quite agitated if you refuse?