Peer Support Meetings

peer support meetings

What is Peer Support?

We provide peer support through Mutual Aid Partnership (MAP) meetings. The meetings are facilitated by our team who are trained to help people support each other as part of a group.

Our MAP meetings usually take place at a local community venue where the emphasis is very much on building trust and mutual respect among members of the group.

Meetings last for 90 minutes and begin with a “check-in” so everyone has a chance to talk about their week in relation to their alcohol use and life in general.

What should you expect?

Groups can be large or small, depending on demand, but all share the aim of helping people to find ways to cut back on their drinking.

At each meeting, the group will decide on a problem or issue they would like to collectively tackle. It might be that a member of the group is having relationship difficulties, or is using alcohol to cope with loneliness and isolation.

The facilitator has various techniques available to him/her, based on therapies that have proven to help people make lifestyle changes.

The facilitator might be assisted by one of our volunteers who support the Drink Wise, Age Well programme and many MAP meetings become fully led by volunteers once they are trained up.

Meetings involve a tea/coffee break, so there is a chance for people to get to know each other better. Participants say they feel a great sense of release at being able to talk about their drinking, but not as the sole focus of the discussion.

And many people come back time-after-time to enjoy the gentle, non-judgemental support offered.


Our volunteer Willie and Direct Engagement and Support worker Mark spoke to us about what peer support means to them…