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Drink Wise, Age Well aims to help people make healthier choices about their alcohol use as they age. One way we can do that is supporting those working in our communities and health and social care providers to better recognise and respond to people whose drinking may be causing them harm.

We offer free training courses to meet your needs and help you best respond to the needs of anyone over 50 that you work with, support or see regularly in your community.

Did you know?

  • 80% of adults aged over 50 who were drinking at increased risk levels said on no occasion had family, friends, doctors or other health workers ever asked them about their drinking.
  • Over a quarter would not tell someone if they had a problem with their drinking and a similar number would not know where to get help.

Being able to recognise when alcohol is affecting someone over 50 can help you support them to make healthier choices.


Our training courses will help you to:

  • recognise adults aged over 50 that may be experiencing problems with their alcohol use
  • build your skills and confidence to talk about their drinking in a sensitive way
  • signpost to appropriate services or support
  • enhance your skills and practice
  • challenge attitudes and stigma around older adults and alcohol use
  • develop your communication skills
  • build upon your alcohol awareness

Find the right training for you

Peers and volunteers: For friends, family or people who volunteer with anyone over 50. We help build your skills on how to address issues with the over 50s.

Frontliners: If you come into contact with people over 50 on a regular basis this training can help you deal more confidently with any issues related to their drinking.

Enhanced: If you already have alcohol knowledge but age-specific training would help enhance support, practice and improve professional development.

Bespoke: If you’re an organisation that has a specific need that you would like training for, we can develop training to fit your requirements.

To find out more contact a trainer in one of our five local areas.

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