Substance Misuse & Ageing Conference 2018

The Substance Misuse & Ageing Conference 2018 will take place at Cardiff City Stadium on the 24th of January 2018. Hosted by Drink Wise, Age Well and DACW (Developing a Caring Wales) the event aims to address the question; how do we work with older adults with substance misuse problems?

Do not go gentle…

Alongside an ageing population we are seeing an increase in alcohol consumption in the Over 50’s age group, coupled with the use of prescribed medication and illicit drug use.

Older adults who have substance misuse problems do not receive the same attention as younger substance misusers and generic services are increasingly having to deal with individuals have multiple or complex needs.

The Welsh Government’s Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse produced a report in February 2017 on Substance Misuse in an Ageing Population which included a number of recommendations. In terms of acknowledging older adults in substance misuse policy or strategy, Wales is ahead of its UK counterparts but we know there is more to be done including tackling ageism and stigma in this increasing population.

New approaches to service provisions are needed if we are to meet the challenges ahead of us together.

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